Friday, March 20, 2009


November 2007, I was away performing haj and I missed my eldest daughter's graduation day. She is now pursuing her degree and should be graduating sometime this year. May Allah bless me with good health and will be around to attend her graduation.

Alhamdulilah, November 2008 was Hafizudddin's graduation day. Nothing but beautiful memories of him and his friends performing during the auspicious day. I never thought that it will be his one and only graduation ceremony. I will always cheerish those moments, and happy to share some of his photos. I love you Hafiz.

After the ceremony, before they part to start their formal schooling as Year 1 student in 2009, Hafiz with Zamil (yellow baju melayu) and Mamal, his two best friend.

They proud father and mother. Our son after the graduation ceremony.

Teacher Ida has been teaching Hafiz for 3 years. He started school at Al-Ikhlas Cambridge, Section 3, Shah Alam at the age of 4. She has left the school but came for the graduation day. Thank you very much Ida, for the attention and love you have given to Hafiz. I am glad you manage to meet up with him during your visit to our house. Shukran Jazilan.

It must be tiring for him, Hafizuddin taking a break back stage.

A proud graduate......Hafizuddin completed his pre-school education.

Ain't he cute...making sure his photo is taken ...

The soon to be graduates...anxious waiting for their turn....

Hafizuddin walking up the stage...the graduation walk..

Preparing for the big moment....making sure everything is perfect.

It was a pleasant surprise. Hafizuddin performing a zapin dance with his class mates, to a song by Datuk Siti Norhaliza, Nirmala. I could not describe my feelings at that time, happy and proud of him. Despite his ailment, he still practice daily and perform perfectly during the ceremony.

Let me share with you the preparation for this performance. He came back one day from school requesting for a black pants, black shoe and plain white shirt. in plain, (tak nak sepenyot gambar pun)...that was his exact words. Sepenyot means not even a dot of design on the white shirt. Same goes for the shoe and pants. We actually went to various shopping complexes hunting for the fulfill his requirement of PLAIN WHITE SHIRT and on the actual day, he was wearing a vest....

Beautiful young children, naive and sincere. What their teachers told them, they will follow exactly as instructed. I have had fantastic time with Hafizuddin during his pre school years. Never missed any of his performance, except when I was performing Haj in 2007. He loves going to school and enjoys playing and studying with his friends, Mamal, Zamil, Aiman, Naim, Qasim, Rania, Sophia and the rest of his class mates. To Teacher Ida,Teacher Yusra and all the teachers...thank you very much.


Ayesha Syahira said...

I missed out concert adik yang nie, I miss him :'(

hanan said...

salam kak lin. i revisit this entry again heart goes all out to you and family...hafiz looked so happy in the pics..and so words could describe what you are going one would know how you must have felt..but my prayers will always be with you..insyaAllah. i remember Mamal told me..Hafiz tu baik la ibu..kalau mamal jatuh dia mesti tanya "mamal tak apa apa..?"...berbahagialah dia di sana amin..

Ummu Hafiz said...

Subhanallah Hanan. Thank you so much for the kind words. I miss him so much. Will be updating my blog soon.

masaklemaktempoyak said...

Salam kak lin.. I so feel you.

Been following your blog and every time without fail, air mata bercucuran. my heart goes out to you, abg Fifi and the rest of the family.

I dont know what to say kak lin, knowing how precious arwah hafiz was. Sabarlah Kak Lin..

Dia bahagia disana, menunggu Mamanya, Insyaallah.

Salam dari kami di Doha. Al Fatihah.

Ummu Hafiz said...

Thank you Marina. Sorry kak lin dah lama tak check blog. Rindu sangat2 kat Hafiz. U and family cam mana? Maybe next week kak lin will continue. Salam kat family.

BaLQis said...

salam makngah~
semoga makngah tabah
tu je yang mampu nurul cakap..
kirim salam kat pak ngah and yang lain~

love, nurul~