Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Prince

Hafizuddin fully sedated before the operation at the age of 18 months.

Breastfeeding him in the ICU ward after the operation.

Asalamualaikum and greetings to all my friends. I promise myself that I should be updating my blog daily, but again I was not able to access the internet while I was away. Last week, I was in Ipoh and Penang on my usual business trip, introducing Transfer Factor. Let me share the story of how Transfer Factor has changed my life.

Recovering well after the operation. With Dr. Lim Min Kang, Paed and Cardiologist at Gleneagles Hospital.

24th June 2002, I gave birth to a handsome healthy (my own assumption) baby boy, whom we named Mohammed Hafizuddin. I have been blessed with 4 beautiful daughters and have been waiting for a son for along time. My eldest daughter is already 18 then (year 2002). Believe it or not my son is also the first grandson in my family. After 12 grand daughters, Hafizuddin is no. 13. My first glance at him after the ritual of reciting the 'azan' to his ears by my husband, alamak...anak ni gelap sikit. I really thought that he is on the dark side, because all my daughters are quite fair for a malay.
I notice that Hafizuddin has same difficulty suckling when I breast fed him. He vomited and has to be put in the incubator since I could not breast fed him at all. Then only I was informed of his problems. He is born with several heart defects. We were immediately transmitted to Gleneagles Hospital, where Hafizuddin need to be operated since the oxygen level in his blood is already going down.

Hafizuddin is born with the following heart defects, 1. right isomeric heart, 2 AV septal defect, 3. Pulmonary atresia, 4. TAPVD cardiac and 5. right sided aortic arch. On 25th June 2002, he underwent an operation known as right B T shunt. Alhamdulilah the operation went well and he recovered well. When we were ready to be discharged, we were again shocked to discovered that Hafizuddin did not have a spleen.

This is the actual report by the doctor - "The child has complex cardiac lesions. He has right isomeric heart and has no spleen. He is prone to develop very fulminant infection. In the event of febrile illness consider liberal use of antibiotics including parenteral forms. The child should in particular avoid respiratory tract infection

Subhanallah, the amount of medication he has to take daily (which includes anti biotics and steroids) sungguh menakutkan. With the absence of the spleen, all the medications is a must in order to help his body fight against viruses.

At the age of 18 months, again he underwent another open heart surgery known as Glen operation or Glen anastomosis on 9th February 2004. Syukur ke hadrat Illahi, Alhamdulilah, he went through it successfully. I can still remember my days of sleeping infront of the CCU ward waiting for him. As soon as he is awake, I will be called in to breast fed him, since he is not strong enough to be bottled fed. For almost a month we wait patiently for him to recover.