Sunday, November 30, 2008

For a start

Asalamualaikum to all my muslim brothers and sisters, and regards to everybody out there. Today is my first day of blogging. Have been following a few bloggers for almost 3 years and fiinally.....starting my own. My favourite of course is rockybru, pahit manis, my own three angles, and another three angels from JB. Nak kata banyak pengalaman tidaklah sangat, but would like to share my day to day experiences with those who are willing to read.

A fun day at Sunway Pyramid today with my children and husband, my loving father and mother, my brother and his family. We have not been doing this for quite some time and i just love the time we spend together. It would have been more fun if my sister from JB and my younger brother could join us. Not to worry sis, you are always on my mind. I even told mum and dad, you and your kids would love the pancakes. Let me know when you can drive down to KL and we would entertain you......Cepat decide bila balik kampung.

I love my life now, after almost 8 years I 'pencen' from the corporate world, my day start as a nanny, waking my children up, especially my two young ones, Princess Nadhilah and Prince Hafiz. Getting them ready for school, making sure they eat their breakfast, taking their food supplement (definiely transfer factor from 4Life), driving them to school and finally kissing them goodbye. Next task.....straight to the market, while driving my mind will be planning menu for lunch, tea and dinner but to tell you the truth, I always end up calling Bibik for suggestions.

I don't cook that often , but on the days that I do, my children will be complaining. Bukan sebab tak sedap, tapi dia orang tak boleh berhenti tambah nasi dan lauk. I love to cook because my children and husband enjoys good food. Some of my favourite dishes, Lemak cilipadi ayam or daging for Hafiz, Asam pedas ikan pari or tulang, favourite Anis, Rendang ayam or daging and Padprik for Ira, Sambal tumis udang for Princess Nadhilah and finally my eldest daughter loves all of the above. Husband pulak suka soup ayam kampung, beef stew to be taken with bread, nasi impit with kuah kacang and sometimes I suprise them with Nasi Ambang.

Later in the afternoon, I will pick both Princess and Prince back from school, let them play for a while before I get them ready for their nightly routine at Ros house. Ros is my friend who teaches my children to read the Holy Quran. Shukran Jazilan Ros.

That will be all for today. Asalamualaikum.