Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hafiz dalam kenangan

Syukur Alhamdulilah, finally I am able to continue my blog. Not so much of being busy but more on emotionally unstable. It is already 24 days since Hafizuddin was put to rest, but I am still missing him and the feeling is eating me up day by day. It is very difficult the explain the feeling, I guess only those who has gone through it will be able to understand....
Anyway, I would like to continue the list of friends who were there with us from the start.....Fezah, Norly, Along and Taro from my ITM days, En. Rosebi, Kak Ani, Haziq, Anil and fiancee. Aunty Noy and Uncle Dol sekeluarga, Aunty Bardot, Aunty Ani, Mak Gayah and Chah, Aunty Nab fm Keramat, Hanan and family (Hafiz and Mamal attended pre school together), Najwa and Sahlan, Azali and parents who came all the way from Ipoh, Teacher Ida (Hafiz's teacher during pre school) all the way from Kuantan. Teacher Yusra and friends from Al-Ikhlas Cambridge. Puan Noraizah and husband.
Neighbours, Ros sekeluarga, Sarina sekeluarga, Razif sekeluarga, Norazah sekeluarga, Kak Kiah and Abang Mat sekeluarga, Kak Zu, Soraya and Suffian, Kak Sabariah sekeluarga, Kak Shimah sekeluarga and Ishak and family next door. Kak Jem, Normah, Pak Ya, Ana dan En. Zaini and everybody from Seksyen 19, Shah Alam.

To friends of my daughters, Aqilah's friends from UiTM, Syahirah's friends, Mariam and the others from Shah Alam and PJ, Anis's friends...thank you.

To those who I have missed, please forgive me.... I am still not myself...some faces came to mind but I could not remember their names, some came to see me personally, some do not and I knew they are those who are still trying to gain the courage to call and talk to me. All of you have been wonderful and no words could express my gratititude....Semuga Allah membalas segala jasa baik dan doa kalian dengan limpahan rahmat dariNYA.

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