Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lonely....alone at home

Feeling down and lonely today. Yesterday and today, I started to clear things that have been piling up in the room downstairs. Bills to be settled, letters to be sorted out and filed accordingly. Can you believe that I have not been doing all these since a year ago. I opened letters, read them, pay bills and chuck everything into this very big box. Suddenly I realised the box is already full. is sorting out day.

Anis went out with her friends, Aqilah busy preparing her presentation, Ira is in Johor, Nadhilah is at I am all alone. I go.....this letter for this file, this document in that file........Ya Allah, guess what I found...a stack of hospital bills, doctor's report, Hafiz's birth and death certificates.

SubhanAllah, without realising, menitis-nitis air mata. Terkenang arwah again...and again...and again. I miss you Hafiz, I love you so much and will always love you, selagi di izinkan Allah. Mama sentiasa berdoa agar kita semua akan di kumpulkan di Jannah Allah. Amin. Amin.

Damailah dua-dua anak lelaki mama di syurga yang kekal abadi.


Honey said...

:( Amin... May Allah SWT brings peace and calm to you and your family.
Take care and salam to Dato pls.

Hani @ Somethin' Light

Mama Miraki said...

Al-Fatihah buat adik Hafiz.